Now is The Time To Beat The Sports Books on American Idol Gambling

American Idol has always been a phenomenon since its first season. One of the only things that have changed over the years is the increased access that gamblers have to bet on the show.

Season Seven is off and running and after Thursday night, all that will be left are twelve finalists. If ever there was a time to take a stab at beating the sportsbooks, this is that time.

With the success that some of the contestants have had early on in this years competition, there have emerged some clear favorites. David Archuleta has been so good thus far, that oddsmakers have anyone gambling on him to win actually laying money. He is -140 to win the competition.

The next closest competitor and the second choice of oddsmakers are Carly Smithson, She is +375 to win, followed by Michael Johns at +650.

Those three are so heavily favored that everybody else in the competition is at least ten to one underdog. That means of the remaining thirteen participants, the worst a gambler could do should one of them win would be to win $1,000 on their $100 bet.

Those are odds worth taking in a performance-oriented show like Idol. One unbelievable performance followed by high praise from Simon Cowell and any of those underdogs could shoot to the top of the favorites list by next week.

Last year’s winner, Jordan Sparks was not one of the early favorites, but she picked up steam as the competition wore on. Eventually, she went on to win.

If ever there was a time to take a chance with a long shot, this could be the answer. Anybody could win, and as long as that is the case, sports books could be kicking themselves for these early American Idol season seven odds.