Northern California Casino Pays Biggest Jackpot Ever To Retiree

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The ultimate thought for any slot machine player is the one about what the reaction will be if they ever hit the jackpot. It is the thought that keeps people coming back to these machines day after day after day.

That thought was realized on Thursday at Cache Creek Casino & Resort in Yolo County, California, by a 59 year old retired Oakland man.

David Castleberry was attending his brothers birthday celebration on on Thursday evening when he decided to try his luck and put $80 into a slot machine. The slot is called I.C. Money, and what Castleberry saw a few minutes into playing is still a blur to him.

“I kept seeing $5,000 flashing, but everybody around me was saying a million dollars”, said Castleberry, “And normally, they have the progressive amount showing up there, but that was gone, so I thought there was something wrong here.”

Actually, nothing was wrong as Castleberry received what is believed to be the biggest lump sum ever paid out by a casino in Northern California, $1,095,457.

The winner said he will spend his money on a new truck for himself and a house for his grandsons in Alabama, as well as putting some money into the family catering business.

The main use for the money, however, will be the annual dinner for the needy at Mount Cavalry Missionary Baptist in December. The family started the yearly dinner about five years ago when Castleberrys sister passed away.