North Carolina Lottery Thriving, Gives $98 Million To Schools

North Carolina Lottery Thriving, Gives $98 Million To Schools

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The North Carolina is thriving. While other states are having a hard time selling, such is not the case in North Carolina. They are breaking records with their amount of sales.

The North Carolina Education Lottery has made a transfer to schools that has become the largest in the history of the lottery. They have transferred $98 million.

“We are incredibly proud to have raised this amount of money for education in just two years of operations. All of us at the lottery are ecstatic that our efforts to increase sales are really starting to pay off,” said Tom Shaheen, the lotteries Director.

One of the benefits of having the lottery money is schools will be able to reduce class sizes. Other portions of the money will go to college scholarships.

The lottery sales are crushing numbers from last year. So far this year, $114 million more has been raised that the previous year. Up until now, the lottery has given $628 million to North Carolina public schools.

casino Ban In Atlantic City Casinos Imminent After Council Vote

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Smoking bans are becoming commonplace around the United States. Casinos, in particular, have become the target of many of these bans. In the coming weeks, one of the most famous gambling cities in the world will join the smoking ban club.

Atlantic City has had a proposal on the table to ban smoking on casino floors. The proposal became reality on Wednesday night when the City Council voted 9-0 in favor of the ban.

The mayor, Scott Evans, said that he would sign the ban into law within ten days, Once in place, it will be tough for city casinos to get around the law.

There is a current law in place, but casinos have basically just disregarded them. They were told they would need to build walls between the smoking and non-smoking areas, but not one casino complied.

Now, because of their lack of respect for the current laws, the City Council decided in favor of hurting them where it would matter most, in their wallets. The new smoking laws will surely bring with it a decrease in revenue for Atlantic City casinos.

Six of the eleven casinos in the city have already gone to nonsmoking casino floors, so not all of the casinos were defiant of the current laws. Casino workers are one group that is happy over the new laws.

Until now, they have been working in unsafe environments, and many are glad the smoking ban has finally passed.