No Stolichnaya Vodka at the

The Russians like their vodka straight from the fridge, chilled in the bottle, so it becomes a kind of viscous liquid. Caviar with thin slices of toast often accompanies the vodka, which is usually without ice. They like to drink each small glass or “charka” in one. Stolichnaya (Stoli), Smirnov, Cristall, and Moskovskaya are famous brands.

Vodka started production in Russia in the late 15th century and was known as fumigated wine, fiery wine, grain wine, and of course vodka.

Russians drink vodka quite often! They usually drink profusely and spend many hours drinking vodka. Sometimes they drink it all night long and knock out the hangover the morning after with another shot of vodka just to feel better. The alcohol industry has long been an important contributor to Russian Government revenues.

Special vodka glasses are used (small and plain) to drink toasts. Each charka is downed in one. There is an old saying that “The first charka is for health; the next one for joy; and the third for a quarrel.” The informal drinking toast “Bottoms up!” describes the act of upending the glass, to drink the fiery liquid down in one.

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