No Limit Holdem

Somewhere on the cruise ships that are sailing from island to island, the game Caribbean Stud Poker devised. Where, when and by whom it is conceived, we do not know with certainty, even if it is, in fact, a relatively new variant of poker.

There are some nice stories in circulation. A stud is a stud, which is reminiscent of the famous verse of Leonard Hazing ‘the stallion is late on deck in one of the incomparable Adrian Olivier and narratives. It could also just be that students (stud is also an abbreviation for it) on the cruise were looking for a variant in which they have a kind of poker could play because they were the real poker tables too much for them.

There is a complex story in English Wiped on a Mr. Danny Jones, who wanted to sell the game to casinos, especially in Aruba and through a subsidiary company in Las Vegas. His problem was that the game itself was on the street.

There were already a lot of variants of the round and it is difficult to claim on one game, which no one knows who invented it, the rights and all that is played everywhere. The name of the firm, which had the casinos in Las Vegas as a target, otherwise called DP Stud, but that can also be removed in the middle or company name was the source of the name Caribbean Stud Poker or vice versa.

Two casinos in Aruba had the game on the menu without having to Danny Jones. Paid a dime The casinos in Las Vegas were also taken, even without Mr. Jones was there for the money. It was a nice try, but it did not work out. How it went with Jones, we do not know. What we do know is that the game gradually gained more and more ground.