No Gambling In Taiwan For Chinese Under New Tourism Agreement

No Gambling In Taiwan For Chinese Under New Tourism Agreement

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Taiwan and China are attempting to mend the bad relations that have existed between the two countries. A new tourism agreement has been put in place, and one of the stipulations is no gambling by Chinese tourists in Taiwan.

There have been agreements earlier this month between Taiwan and China on charter flights between the two countries. The agreement will now allow Chinese tourists to go directly to Taiwan, but only with tour groups.

The travel agencies that arrange the trips will not be allowed to arrange any activities that have to do with gambling or pornography, although pornography was not defined by the Association.

Managers from travel agencies in China traveled to Taiwan to be educated on the various hotels and transportation options available to Chinese tourists. They also were working on packages that could be offered to their customers.

The travel agents were in Taiwan for ten days. The agreement that is in place will send a maximum of 3,000 Chinese tourists a day to Taiwan. On the weekends, the charter flights will be available, thirty-six of them in all.

Taiwan retailers and hotel owners are hoping that allowing Chinese tourists will increase revenue numbers. The limit on the number of travelers will hurt, but still, Taiwan should see a boost in revenue.

West Virginia Leading In Gambling Share Of State Budget

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In the United States, most individual states are moving towards gambling as a way to help balance their budget. States that already allowed gambling is expanding the industry, and states without gambling are now changing laws to allow it.

In West Virginia, they rank second to only Nevada in the importance that gambling money has in the state budget. Nine percent of the state budget comes from gambling revenue in West Virginia.

The state runs a lottery, and also receives revenue from four racetracks that combined have almost 20,000 slot machines. Nevada, at 13.4 percent was the only state in 2006 with a higher share stake then West Virginia.

West Virginia also leads the way in budget reliance on gambling revenue. It grew by 6.4 percent between 1998 and 2006, according to a report released by the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

“From a fiscal perspective, state-sponsored gambling now resembles a blue-chip stock reliability generating large amounts of cash, but no longer promising dramatic growth in revenue,” said the report.

One of the reasons it is believed that West Virginia leads the way in the gambling share revenue is because they are attracting many customers from other states. “A lot of our revenues come from people who travel to West Virginia to gamble,” said Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow.